Frequently Asked Questions

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I accidentally set my account to private while my Instagram followers\\/likes order was being processed. Have I lost my money? What can I do?

In this case, you will either receive a partial order or no order at all. However, our system will normally detect this discrepancy, notify us and then we will send you a warning message. Then, simply contact us, inform us about the issue and we will gladly help you resolve this problem by completing the order. Please make sure that your Instagram profile is not set to private before, during or after you have placed the order to ensure that you receive all of the Instagram followers or likes. Once you are certain you have received your order completely, you can set your profile to private if you wish.

Will I need to give you my password?

No. takes privacy concerns very seriously and we would never consider asking you for it. Your peace of mind is one of our priorities and we highly encourage you to never give personal information, including passwords, to any third party.

When I place an order, am I paying a one-time or a monthly fee?

No, all of our service packages are a one-time fee. No recurring charges will be applied to your account.

How quickly will I receive the followers/likes/comments I’ve ordered?

You can see the estimated shipping time while you decide to add the product to your cart or buy it directly. We will immediately process your order as soon as we receive your payment, though.