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Telegram - The app is becoming more and more popular. No wonder. What the messaging service offers its users cannot be compared to any other messaging service. At the moment, there is one messaging service that is used by the majority of people. It is called WhatsApp. As soon as people hear the word messaging service, most of them think of WhatsApp. Why is that? In case you haven't noticed, the green app with the messaging icon is very widely used. Since the majority of people around you, including you, use WhatsApp, you think of this app directly. But in America, Telegram is starting to gain more and more users in several countries like America and Russia. The app is becoming more and more of a social network. So you have the opportunity to market yourself and your project through this service as well.

You don't have this possibility on WhatsApp. On WhatsApp, the most you can do is share a message. But not more. The possibility to promote something on a messaging service has caused a huge trend. Of course, in time, all messaging services will want to copy the trend. But at the moment, Telegram is the only one on the market with this idea. Moreover, the service is very successful. There are many points that distinguish the two services. We will go into these points in the next section.

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